About Us

Unity teaches the practical application of Spiritual principles taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ. Unity is a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind.

We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. Therefore, we recognize the importance of serving all people within the Unity family in spiritually and emotionally caring ways.

Our ministries and outreaches are free of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability, and sexual orientation.

Our sincere desire is to create spiritually aware organizations that are nondiscriminatory and that support diversity.

The five teachings of Unity are:

1) God is the Source and Creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is all good and present everywhere.

2) We are spiritual beings, created in God’s image. The spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good.

3) We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.

4) There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our connection to God.

5) Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them.

For more information on Unity visit www.unity.org